With degrees from the country’s leading law schools and standout practice in public and private law, the legal team of PCPC brings multidisciplinary expertise to bear for the formulation of agile, creative and efficient strategies. The planing for each case is always defined collectively, based on a careful analysis of the various areas of law, to indicate the possible positive and negative aspects, in search of the most convincing legal solution. Some of the senior lawyers have received specialized training abroad and are also regularly invited to participate at events and serve as examiners in civil service processes.

“Legal phenomena cannot be addressed from the perspective of only one specialty. Legal practitioners who are able to deal with cases through a holistic vision have an advantage in performing their functions.”

Founded in 1988 by Paulo Cezar Pinheiro Carneiro, at the time a lawyer with the Rio de Janeiro State Attorney’s Office and professor of general theory of law at Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ) Law School, the law firm PCPC has achieved noteworthy ascension since then and is now one of the nation’s leading references in the resolution of judicial disputes.

At present, a team of 34 lawyers and an experienced consultant share the mission of developing legal arguments with ethics, agility and efficiency.

Some of our senior lawyers teach part-time at renowned Brazilian universities, enabling constant convergence between academic research and professional experience in the production of new legal knowledge and the construction of solid and convincing arguments, essential for effective representation of clients.

This know-how has been rewarded with public recognition, and many other large Brazilian law firms consider PCPC to be a strong ally to handle litigation for their clients.


To render personalized legal support with ethics, agility and efficiency, based on solid knowledge, to obtain the best results for clients.


To have a broad and multidisciplinary vision of legal issues, to construct solidly grounded and convincing arguments.


• To render excellent legal services.

• To excel in the formalization of the best settlements.

• To offer peace of mind and satisfaction to our clients.

• To provide a harmonious and friendly workplace that encourages the production of new legal thinking.