Consultative Vision & Forensic Strategy

In a civil society in which economic activity inherently leads to occasional disputes, it is necessary to have a multidisciplinary vision to represent clients in litigation.

Based on this principle and the knowledge and experience of its lawyers, PCPC has been obtaining noteworthy victories in defending the interests of its client.

Although noted for its outstanding work in civil litigation for more than two decades, PCPC has a team with specialization in various other areas of law, besides counting on consulting from a noted legal scholar, Dr. Leonardo Greco.

This internal organization is one of the pillars of the reputation won by PCPC in the analysis of relevant cases in the Brazilian judicial scenario.

• Public Civil Actions
• Class Actions
• Arbitration
• Conciliation and Mediation
• Administrative Litigation
• Civil Litigation
• Corporate Litigation
• Moral Damage and Harm to Image
• Expropriation
• Administrative Law
• Environmental Law
• Banking Law

• Electoral Law
• Telecommunications Law
• Family Law
• Inheritance Law
• Consumer Law
• Real Estate Law
• Regulatory Law
• Tax Law
• Bankruptcy and Court-Supervised Reorganization
• Tenders
• Civil Liability